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Sector abcCorporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt AgenciesTender ValueN.A.
LocationAndhra Pradesh - India Ref.No2995134
Closing Date01 - Feb - 2010
Supply of medicines on rate contract basis - Aamin A, Aceten 25mg, Adbeta 25mg, Alphadopa, Amaryl 1mg, Amaryl 2mg, Amaryl M1, Amaryl M2, Amcard AT, Amichlor, Amifru 40mg, Amigold 50 mg, Amlace, Amlodac 5mg, Amlogard 2.5mg, Amlogard 5mg, Amlong H, Amlokind AT, Amlokind L, Amlong 10mg, Amlong 2.5mg, Amlong 5mg, Amlopin 5 mg, Amlong A, Amlong H, Amlopin AT, Amlopin M, Amlopress 5mg, Amlopress AT, Amlosafe 2.5mg, Amlosafe 5mg, Amlosafe AT, Amlovas 5mg, Amlovas L, Amlozaar, Amodep AT, Amoloz AT 50mg, Amtas AT, Amtas E, Angiosort H, Angizaar H, Aprovel 150mg, Arbitel 40mg, Arbitel H, Arip MT 10mg, Aristozyme Syp, Arkamin, ASA 50mg, Asomex 2.5mg, Asomex AT, Asomex LT 2.5mg, Aten 25mg, Aten 50mg, Aten AM, Aten D, Aten H 12.5mg, Atenex 25mg, Ativan 1mg, Azulix 1 MF, Azulix 2 MF, Azulix 2MF Forte, Benace 5mg, Benadon 40mg, Benformin LS, Beta Nicardia, Betacap TR 40mg, Betacard 25mg, Betacard 50mg, Betaglim 2mg, Betaloc 25mg, Betaloc 50mg, Betanicardia, Blisto 2 MF, Betanif, Betaone AM, Betaone XL 25mg, Betatrop 10mg, Biduret, Biduret L, Bigomet 500mg, Blisto 1MF, Blisto 2 MF, Cadace 1.25mg, Cadace H 5mg, Caditam 20mg, Calaptin 120 SR, Calcigard 10mg, Calcigard Ret 10mg, Cardace 2.5mg, Cardace 5mg, Cardace H 2.5mg, Cardace H10mg, Cardiopril 5mg, Cardivas 12.5mg, Cardivas 25mg, Cardivas 3.125mg, Ceruvin 75mg, Ceruvin A, Ceruvin AF, Cetapin XR 1gm, Cetapin XR 500mg, Ciplar 10mg, Ciplar LA 40mg, Ciprolex 10mg, Citopam 20mg, Clavix 150mg, Clavix 75mg, Clavix AS 150mg, Clodrel 75mg, Clodrel Forte, Clodrel Plus, Clopid AS, Clopigrel 75mg, Clopilet, Clopitab 75mg, CLONOTRIL 0.5MG, Clopitab A 150mg, Clopitab A 75mg, Clopivas AP 75mg, Combiplet, Combutol 800mg, Concor 2.5mg, Concor 5mg, Concor AM 2.5mg, Concor AM 5mg, Conformin SR 500mg, Conpride 1mg, Corvadil 5mg, Corvadil A, Covaesyl 2mg, Covance 25mg, Covance 50mg, Covance AT, Covance D, Coversyl 4mg, Coversyl 8mg, Coversyl AM 5mg, Coversyl Plus, Coxerin, Cresar H, Daonil, Daonil M, Deanxit, Delok 20 mg, Diabeta GB, Fludac 10 mg, Diabetrol, Diamicron, Diamicron MR 60mg, Dianorm M, Diapride 2mg, Diapride Forte, Diapride Plus, Diovan 80mg, Dospin 75mg, Dplatt A 75mg, Duotrol, Dynapress 0.4mg, Dytide, Dytor 10mg, Dytor Plus, Ecosprin 150mg, Ecosprin 75mg, Eliwel 25mg, Eltroxin 100mg, Enace 2.5mg, Enace D, Enam 2.5mg, Enam 5mg, Enapril 2.5mg, Enapril 5mg, Enapril HT, Encorate Chrono 500mg, Envas 2.5mg, Esam AT, Eslo 2.5mg, Euclide M, Euglucon, Feliz S 10mg, Feliz S 20mg, Fludac 20mg, Forecox, Fricium 10mg, Fruseloc, Fruseloc DS, Frusenex 100mg, G Reg SR 1gm, G Reg SR 500mg, G tase G1, Gabantin 400mg, Gemcal, Gemer 1mg, Gemer 2mg, Gemer Forte 1mg, Glador 1mg, Glimaday 2mg, Glimaday HS, Glimestar PM2mg, Glimet DS, Glimiprex MF 2/500, Glimser 1mg, Glimulin 1 mg, Glimulin 2mg, Glimy 2mg, Glimy M2, Glizid 80mg, Glizid M, Glizid MR 30mg, Glizid MR 60mg, Glucobay 50mg, Gluconorm PG2, Gluconorm SR, Gluconorm SR 1gm, Glucored, Glucored Forte, Gluformin 500mg, Gluformin XL 1000mg, Gluformin XL 500mg, Glutide CR 60mg, Glybovin 5mg, Glycheck M Forte, Glycigon 80mg, Glycigon M SR, Glycinorm 40mg, Glycinorm M 80mg, Glyciphage, Glyciphage 250mg, Glyciphage PG1, Glyciphage SR, Glycomet 250 mg, Glycomet 500mg, Glycomet 850mg, Glycomet GP 2, Glycomet GP1, Glycomet SR, Glykind M, Glynase 5mg, Glynase MF, Glynase XL 10mg, Glyphage 850, Glypride 1mg, Glytop SR 10mg, GP2, Hopace H 2.5mg, Hopecard H 5mg, Indiral 40 mg, Ind SR, Indap SR, Januvia 100mg, Lasilactone, Lasix 40mg, Levomac 750mg, Limbitrol H, Lipril 5mg, Lisar A, Listril 2.5mg, Listril 5mg, Listril Plus, Lodoz 5mg, Loprin 75mg, Loram 2.5mg, Loram 5mg, Losacar 25mg, Losar 25mg, Losar 50mg, Losar H, Losarbeta, Lotensyl 10 mg, Met XL 25mg, Met XL 50mg, Met XL AM 25mg, Met XL AM 50mg, Metaday 500mg, Metadoze IPR 850mg, Metaglez Forte, Meto ER 25mg, Meto ER 50mg, Metolor XR 25mg, Metolor XR 50mg, Metride 1mg, Metride Plus 2mg, Mignar 25mg, Migrabeta TR 40mg, Minipress XL 2.5mg, Minipress XL 5mg, Mirtaz 7.5mg, Misobit 25mg, Mopaday 15mg, Mopaday Forte, Natrilix SR, Nebicard 5mg, Nebicard SM, Nebistar 2.5mg, Nebistar 5mg, Nexito 10mg, Niavas D, Nicardia Ret 10mg, Nicardia Ret 20mg, Nitrapin 20mg, Noklot Plus, Novonorm 0.5mg, Nutin SA, Obimet, Obimet SR 1gm, Oleanz 7.5mg, Olmitrac 40mg, Olmizest 20mg, Olmizest 40mg, Opam 15mg, Path 15mg, Piodart 30mg, Pioglar 15mg, Pioglar 30mg, Pioglar GF( 30+2), Pioglar M, Pioglit 15mg, Pioglit 30mg, Piopod 15mg, Pioz 15mg, Pioz 30mg, Prazopress 2mg, Prazopress Xl2.5mg, Prechek 2mg, Prechek M 2, Presolar, Proace H 5mg, Prolomet XL 25mg, Qutipin 50mg, Ramace 2.5mg, Ramace 5mg, Ramistar 2.5mg, Ramistar 5mg, Ramistar A, Rantac 150mg, Rcin 450mg, Reclide 80mg, Reclimet, Repace 50mg, Repace H, Res perdal 1mg, Resperdal 2mg, Respidon 1mg, Revas 50mg, Revas AM 5mg, Revas AT, Revas H, Revelol AM 50/5, Revelol AM 25/2.5mg, Revelol XL 100mg, Riomet G, Riomet OD 1gm, Riomet OD 500mg, Rivotril 0.5mg, Rosicon MF, Rosimet, S.Numlo 2.5mg, Seloken XL 100mg, Seloken XL 50mg, Seloken XL25mg, Selomax 50/5, Semi Euglucon, Sem
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