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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender ValueINR 5 Crore
LocationMaharashtra - India Ref.No64494365
Closing Date25 - Sep - 2023
Supply of Tab Acetazolamide 250 mg, Tab Acyclovir 200 mg, Tab Albendazole 400 mg, Tab Amitryptiline 25 mg, Tab Amlodipine 5 mg, Cap Amoxycillin Trihydrate 500 mg, Tab Amoxycilln 250 mg Clavulanic acid 125mg, Tab Amoxycilln 500 mg Clavulanic acid 125mg, Tab Ascorbic Acid 500 mg, Tab Aspirin acetylsalicylic acid 75 mg Aluminium Blister of 14 Tablets, Tab Atenolol 50 mg, Tab Atorvastatin 20 mg, Tab Calcium carbonate Tab vit D3 Tab Calcium Carbonate125 gmie1250 mg Vit D3250 iu, Tab Calcium Citrate maleate 500 mg, Tab Carbamazepine 200 mg, Tab Carbimazole 10 mg, Tab Cefixime 200 mg, Tab Cetrizine 10 mg, Tab Chloroquine Phosphate 250 mg, Tab Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4 mg, Tab Chlorpromazine HCL 100 mg Largactil, Tab Ciprofloxacin 500 mg Tinidazole 300 mg, Tab Clobazam 5 mg, Tab Clopidrogel 75 mg, Tab Cotrimoxazole DS Trimethoprim 160mg Sulphamethoxazole 800mg, Tab Cotrimoxazole SS Trimethoprim 80mg Sulphamethoxazole 400mg, Tab Deferasirox 250mg, Tab Deferasirox 500mg, Tab Deferiprone 500 mg Kelfer, Tab Diclofenac sodium 50 mg, Tab Dicyclomine 10 mg, Tab Digoxin 025 mg, Tab Diltiazem 30 mg, Tab Domperidone 10mg, Tab Donepzil HCL 5 mg, Cap Doxycycline 100 mg, Tab Enalapril 5 mg, Tab Etophylline 231mg Theophylline 69mg, Tab Ferrous Fumarate 200 mg Cyanocobalamine 15 mcg Folic Acid 15 mg Sustained release OR EQUIVALENT, Tab Ferrous Sulphate 200 mg, Tab Fexofenadine 120 mg, Tab Fluconazole 150mg, Cap Fluoxitine 20 mg, Tab Folic Acid 5mg, Tab Furazolidine 100 mg, Tab Glimepiride 1 mg, Tab Griseofulvin 250 mg, Tab Haloperidol 5 mg, Tab Hydrochlorthiazide 50 mg, Tab Hydroxyurea 500 mg, Tab Iron Folic Acid, Isosorbide Dinitrite 10 mg, Cap Itraconazole 100 mg, Tab Labetalol HCL 100 mg, Tab Lenalidomide 10mg, Tab Levetiracetam 250mg, Tab Linezolid 600 mg, Tab Lisinopril 5 mg, Tab Lithium Carbonate 300 mg, Tab Lisinopril 5 mg, Tab Lithium Carbonate 300 mg, Tab Losartan potassium 50 mg, Tab Mebendazole 100mg, Tab Metformin 500mg, Tab Metoclopramide hydrochloride 10 mg, Tab Metoprolol 50 mg, Tab Metronidazole 400mg, Tab Metronidazole 200mg, Tab NAcetyl LCysteine 600mgVitamine C 40mg, Tab Nicorandil 5 mg, Tab Nitrofurantoin 50 mg, Tab Norfloxacin 400 mg, Tab Olanzepine 5 mg, Tab Pantoprazole 40 mg, Tab Paracetamol 500mg, Tab Paracetamol 650 mg, Tab Phenytoin Sodium 100 mg, Tab Polyvitamin Therapeutic NFI, Tab Prednisolone 10 mg, Tab Primaquine 25mg, Tab Propylthiouracil PTU 50mg, Tab Quetiapine 100 mg, Tab Ramipril 5 mg, Tab Resperidone 2 mg, Tab Salbutamol 4mg, Tab Sodium bicarbonate 500 mg, Tab Sodium Valproate 500 mg, Tab Spironolactone 25 mg, Tab Frusemide 40 mg, Tab Glipizide 5 mg, Tab Telmisartan 40 mg, Tab Thalidomide 50mg, Tab Thyroxine 25mcg, Tab Thyroxine 50mcg, Tab Thyroxine sodium 100 mcg 100 Tablets in Amber colour glass bottle, Tab Tramadol 50 mg, Tab Tranexamic Acid 500 mg, Tab Trihexiphenidyl 2 mg Trifluperazine 5 mg, Tab Trypsin Chymotrypsin E C 100000 IU Aluminium Blister of 10 Tablets, Tab Vitamin A 10mg ATRA Type, Tab Vitamin B Complex Therapeutic NFI, Tab Vitamin D3 60KIU, Tab Warfarin Sodium 5 mg, Tab Zinc Sulphate 20 mg Each dispersible tablet contains Zinc Sulphate as Monohydrate 5488mg equivalent to elemental Zinc 20mg, Inj Adrenaline 1ml Amp, Inj Amikacin Sulphate 500mg vial, Inj Amoxicillin Clavulanic acid 1200 mg vial, Inj Anti D 300mcg vial, Inj Anti Diptheria Serum ADS 10 ml vial, Inj Anti Rabies Serum 1500 IU 5 ml vial, Inj Anti Rabies Vaccine 1ml IMID vial, Inj Atracurim Besylate 25 ml Amp, Inj Atropine Sulphate 10ml vial, Inj Bupivacaine hydrochloride Dextrose 4 ml Amp, Inj Bupivacaine hydrochloride 05 20ml Vial, Inj Calcium Gluconate 10 ml, Inj Cefoperazone Sulbactum 2gm vial, Inj Cefotaxime Sodium 1gm vial, Inj Ceftazidime 1gm vial, Inj Ceftriaxone Sodium 1gm vial, Inj Dexamethasone sodium 2ml Amp, Inj Dexmedetomidine 3 ml Amp, Inj Diclofenac Sodium 1 ml Amp, Inj Dobutamine HCL 5 ml Amp, Inj Etomidate 10 ml Vial, Inj Etophylline Theophylline 2 ml Amp, Inj Fentanyl Citrate 10ml Amp, Inj Frusemide 2 ml Amp, Inj Gentamycin Sulphate 40 mg Amp, Inj Heparin 25000 IU 5ml vial, Inj Hepatitis b Immunoglobulin 200 IUml, Inj Hydrocortisone Succinate 100 ml vial, Inj Iron Sucrose 25 ml Amp, Inj Ketamine 10 ml Vial, Inj Levetiracetam 5 ml Vial, Inj Lignocaine Adrenaline 30 ml vial, Inj Lignocaine 2 30 ml vial, Inj Lignocaine 4 30 ml vial, Inj Mephentermine 10 ml vial, Inj Midazolam 10 ml Vial, Inj Multivitamin 10 ml Amp, Inj Noradrenaline 2ml Amp, Inj Octreotide 100 mcg, Inj Ondansetron 2 ml Amp, Inj Oxytocin 1 ml Amp, Inj Pantaprazole 40 mg Vial, Inj Pentazocine Lactate 1ml Amp, Inj Phenytoin Sodium 2ml Amp, Inj Piperacillin Tazobactum 45 gm, Inj Pralidoxime Chloride 1gm vial, Inj Propofol 1 wv 20ml vial, Inj Ropivacaine 02 50ml Vial, Inj Snake Antivenin 10ml Vial, Inj Sodium Bicarbonate 10 ml Amp, Inj Streptokinase 15 lac IU vial, Inj Succinylcholine 10ml vial, Inj Tetatus Toxoid 5ml vial, Inj Tramadol Hydrochloride 2ml Amp, Inj Tranexamic Acid 5ml Amp, Inj Vancomycin 1 gm Vial, Inj Vecuronium Bromide 4m
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Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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