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Product Detail : Purchase of surgical items abdominal drain, abdominal binder/ belts , absorbable tacker (5mm), abg syringe (ad), 1ml, adhesive (sticking) plaster 7.5cm x 9mtr, al silicon cather per urethral no. 14, amchoplast -phmb 3 x 3 cm2 sterile polyhexamethylene biguanide coated dehydrated human amnion chorion allograft, ambubag with accessories (adult), anatomical mask (rubber), angiocath no. 18, plastic gloves, pleated membrane filter with hme, pneumovent ventlator tube neonatal, pneumovent ventlator tube paediatric, polyethylene apron disposable, polyurethane naso gastric/jejunum feeding tube-12 ch/fr, 120 cm long-with stainless steel guide wire for like freka tube, polyurethane naso gastric feeding tube with stainless steel guide wire for insertion, porous collagen particle with mupirocin and metronidazole - biofill sterile pure type 1, triple helical,porous collagen in particle form with mupirocin usp 2% w/w and metronidazole ip 1% w/w, dcgi approved, 10 ml, port closure vicryl no.2-0 rb/rc, pop bandage 10cm-, ppe kit (goggle-1,hood cover-1,n95,respirator mask-1 ,surgical gown -1 waste collection bag-1 gloves2 pairs,shoe cover-1 pairs,leaflet), porp (partial ossicular chain reconstruction prosthesis), primicath no. 24, prolene 5-0 rc 15 or 16 mm needle , prolene endoloop 1-0, prolene hernia system, protective sheet, r.o. filter, rae tubes north facing no.6, rae tube no.6 (flexo metalic), rebreathing bag,, reservior bag 600 ml, reservior bag 2600 ml, reservior bag with o2 mask, rinneys scalp clips applicator (s.s.) sterile, roll bandage roll, rolled bandage 10 cms x 12mtr x 10 roll (jumbo bandage), rubber ett with cuff, ryles tube 8 f, ryles tube no. 10, sanitary pad, scalp vein set, scrotal support, shaver blades for mayer shaver for orthoscopy, shoulder u drape ( dispo ), spine sugery drape ( dispo ), simco canula -, single blood bag, 350ml, skin grafting blade-, skin razor blade (dispo), skin stapler with 35 wide fine 316lstainstell w7.0mm x 4mm steriale e.o., soft cotton roll 10cm -, soft rubber tracheal tubes nasal no. 5.5, spinal needle (dispo) no. 18, spinal needle no. 25g, 50mm paediatric, spirometer, sponge wipes pkts size 24 cm x 30 cm of 10 pcs, sterile dehp free feeding bag for entral nutrition-1.5 litter bag with closable funnel,drip chamber & roller clamp with extra medication port on givivng line with en like applix gravity bag, steri strip, sterile gelatin sponge (hemostasis), stockinete 15 cm x 20mtr-, suction catheter no. 4 (dispo), supacath ( suprapubic puncture set), surgical blade no. 11, surgicel (oxidized haemostatic regenerated cellulose), syringe with needle (dispo), 2ml, syringe luer lock (dispo), 50ml, syringe luer mount (dispo), 50ml, t- piece (dispo), taker mesh fixation system metal, taker mesh fixation system absorbable, teflon piston 0.6mm x 5mm, tena bed 60cm x 90cm, thomas splint, thoracic drainage catheter straght (icd) no 16-, total ossiculer replacement ptrothesis (t.o.r.p), tracheostomy tube no. 2.5, tegaderm 10 cm x 12 cm, triple blood bag 350ml, trucut biopsy needle, tur set, umbilical line catheter, umbilical catheter 3.5fr, umbilical catheter 5fr, under water seal bag (as like romodrain ), urine bag with urometer, urine collection bag, tube length 100cm., v- lock 180 sutures (3-0), vaccu suck set-, venturi mask kit (adult), venturi mask kit (paed), vicryl 4-0 rc 15 or 16 mm needle, vicryl no.1-0 ( duoble end ) spl2347dnl, vicryl no.2-0 ( duoble end ) sfn1980, water filter, etc.
Document Sale To : 1-2-2022 at 15:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Maharashtra - India
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Tender Value : INR 165019804
Tender Document Fees : INR 44800
Tender Closing Date : 1/02/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 3/02/2022 at 15:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Municipal Corporations - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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